Who am I? Either you are God too or you do not exist!

God-Ultimate Aim

I have heard people saying that God stays in heaven. Some say God is everywhere. Don’t you think these two statements are contradictory?

If God stays in heaven, then is it like that he created the universe and left us alone to survive? Or is he with us all the time? Then how can he stay in heaven as well as with us at the same time?

Is he just a creator and observer? Or does he actively take part in day to day operations too?

These are often the questions that bother us. In fact these questions had bothered our ancestors too, and everyone created their own version to answer these questions.

The biggest question which I have ever encountered is:

Is everything happening as per God’s plan or are we free to do whatever we want (fate vs. karma)? Why Universe was created in the first place? What is ultimate aim of life?

Let’s start with the questions:

Who is God? Or What is God? And where is God?

There are several beliefs about the definition of God, but I believe that:

“Someone who can be defined or described can’t be God.”

Human minds are not fully designed to understand God completely, we can only feel his presence and we can just try to describe him with limited knowledge we have.

So, just for the sake of trying to describe:

“God is a supernatural power which is complete, absolute, flawless, omnipresent (present everywhere), omnipotent (knows everything), beyond time & space, most powerful (can do anything), kind, loving, source of all kind of universal energies etc.etc.” list is endless.

This answers the question:

Where does he stay? Or where is God? Answer is everywhere!” (Not just in heaven).

There are several religions and faiths who believe that “God is everywhere”.

If we think deeply enough, we will find that this statement itself is the key to feel the presence of God.  For a moment, feel the God everywhere around you just like air, which is invisible but still you can feel it’s presence, although air can’t be present everywhere like in vacuum or inside water, however God is everywhere, in air, water, earth, sky, space, even inside and outside your each body cell and even in your breathe and thoughts. In simple terms, the whole universe is inside God, can you feel that? How does it feel?


God is everywhere -UltimateAim

So, if God is everywhere, are you separate from God? Now a billion dollar question arises in mind:

Who are you?

Let’s start by asking yourself:

Who am I?

Am I this body? Or am I this face that people recognise? But I cannot be this body, right? Our body can’t think about this question without mind, it is as good as any other non living thing without mind & soul, right?

So, it is clear that your body and mind are separate entities, wherein your body can’t do anything without your mind. When you say “I”, you are definitely not talking about your body.

Now ask yourself: Am I this mind?

This makes a bit sense, because your mind is the one which is reading this article through your eyes and asking these questions.

But the reality is, your thoughts are just vibrations which derives its power from your soul. So the actual you, is your soul which observes your mind and body without interfering, but doesn’t die with them. Your soul is pure and is not affected by the actions of your mind and body. It changes body just like you change clothes daily. Your soul has no emotions attached with your body or mind, it is just an observant and source of energy your mind uses.

“I imagine soul as a mesmerising beautiful bright light which smiles at us while observing our day to day stupid thoughts or actions and sometimes warns our mind softly when we are about to take wrong decisions or rewards us with eternal bliss when we genuinely help someone without expecting any returns . That’s the real you!”

meditation - Ultimate Aim

meditation – Ultimate Aim

Then why are people suffering from sorrow, anxiety or depression?

Sufferings start from the point when we start considering our body as ‘I’ and it’s belongings as ‘mine’. My body, my family, my car, my house, my partner etc. nothing is yours and nothing is going to stay forever. You have changed many bodies in the past and you do not even remember your previous relationships or belongings, then why this unnecessary desire and attachment?

If you look around scientifically, you will only see bunch of atoms and molecules in random patterns.

Some atoms randomly combine to become molecules of non living things we see all around. Look at the universe; you will only see atoms combining randomly to make structures like sun, moon, earth, galaxies etc.

Other atoms & molecules combine to become cells which are lucky enough to get an additional substance called ‘life’, which again combines randomly to make different types of living beings including me & you. Can you see a pattern in all these combinations? After all we (living & non living things) are all a bunch of atoms.  Have you ever seen the ashes of living and non-living things, it looks the same.

Well this was about the body, now coming back to the mind. Mind is a really interesting thing and according to ancient Vedic scriptures, mind is the most powerful tool in this whole universe, as it has the power to manifest anything it desires and it can even alter the reality. Yes you read it right; mind can alter reality if used in a particular way. We will discuss about that in a different post but believe me:

“You should never underestimate the power of a focused mind.”

Mind is designed in a way that it lets us believe that everything around us is real. This whole bunch of atoms and molecules all around,which may cease to exist at any moment is just an illusion created by God. I feel this like a huge program or a video game, wherein we take our characters or avatars too seriously and forget that we are here just to play and have fun.


Choice – UltimateAim

If you have ever noticed a video game, you would know that each and every possible move by the player is programmed and has the consequences accordingly. For example, if I choose to open door “A” I will get certain obstacles and if I choose to open door “B” I will face different types of obstacles. Every move is programmed; still I have option to choose whatever path I want. There will be certain doors which go to the right path and I will be rewarded to choose them, and there will be other doors just to distract me and they would take me to wrong paths & I will be penalised to choose them.

In the same way, when we are talking about life, we are discussing about the most complicated video game programmed by the greatest programmer of all time: yes you guessed it right, God himself. Can you expect this to be a simple program which could be understood easily? No, definitely not, even modern day “Virtual reality games” feel almost real. Life is such a beautiful complex and perfect program in which your every possible move is pre-planned, still you have hell lot options to choose from.

Virtual reality game - UltimateAim

Virtual reality game – UltimateAim

This answers the question: fate vs. karma? So, everything happening in your life is your fate and a reflection of your previous choices, however it doesn’t mean that your fate can’t be changed, because your current actions or karma will decide your future fate. In simple terms, let’s suppose you opened the wrong door and realised overtime that this is not the right path; you can’t go back and choose the right door because you don’t have a time machine, right? But there are always side doors which you would have to find, which might lead to the right path.

Now the question arises, which path are we talking about? Where does it go and how to identify which one is right?

When we are talking about the right path, it means our ultimate aim of life. Ultimate aim might be different for different people but it should give you eternal happiness and bliss. Some would say being a billionaire would make me happy, but would that much money give you eternal bliss; well that depends how you use that money.

“Eternal bliss comes when your attitude is to ‘give’ to the universe or your surroundings, if your attitude is to ‘desire’ from the universe, you might feel temporary happiness but your desire will never end and you will never be able to feel true happiness”.

This is the reason; you never feel that much happiness when you buy your dream bike or car, but you feel very good when you genuinely help someone without expecting any return.

Have you ever wondered why those videos and books on “law of attraction” don’t really work that well as per your expectations? The reason is simple, they got it all wrong. Law of attraction is very powerful as it uses the infinite power of our mind, however it is not about ‘desiring’ more from the universe, it is all about feeling of‘gratitude’ and ‘giving’ back to the society. Richest people on earth gave something to the world, hence people paid them for their products or services; some gave useful softwares which made people’s lives easier, others gave services hence they became rich. Do you have anything, which you can give to this world? We will cover that in a different article.

So, the ultimate aim of a person’s life can be anything based on ones understanding, but a wise person would definitely like to escape this endless illusionary cycle of life and birth by connecting to the source; i.e. Almighty God. Now the interesting thing is, your soul (i.e. real you) is already connected to the source, but your mind wouldn’t let you accept that easily.

In simple terms:

“You have been playing this complex video game called life from time immemorial  and you have changed many characters or avatars (by death & rebirths)all this while assuming this game to be real because a chip called ‘mind’  lets you believe that way. Even when you start to realise that it is just an illusionary game which is not real, your mind gets uncomfortable and again drags you back in this illusion, hence you have never been able to end this game.”

There are few hacks for this chip called mind which can break this illusion and get you connected to the source overtime. I can share one of them here but you would have to repeat it in your mind several times. Whether you use it or not, it’s up to you.

“Take a deep breath and start counting your breathes from ten to zero.

Now, repeat and feel these sentences at least 100 times a day:

God is everywhere

Everything except God is an illusion

There is nothing except God”

This may sound pretty simple in the beginning, but it is one of the greatest mantras from the ancient Vedic scriptures. When you will repeat it daily without fail, you will start to realise that:

“Either you do not exist or you are God yourself (Ahambrahmasmi/ Tattvamasi/Shivoham)”



Ultimate aim of life

If you think you are a body named whatever, then you do not exist; however if you realise deeply that you are actually an immortal soul, then you are already enlightened and a part of the super natural power called God with access to all his powers. Your soul doesn’t need enlightenment, nirvana or moksha, as it doesn’t ‘think’ and it is already free from unnecessary desires and this illusion. It’s your ‘mind’ which needs enlightenment and meditation is all about letting your ‘mind’ feel the oneness with the source. Ultimate aim of life is to feel that oneness with God or Universe!

“Once your mind will feel oneness with God permanently, it will stop roaming around and universe will bow to you and you wouldn’t want to change anything around, because universe is already following your orders perfectly!”

Author – Winner Pandey (a nature lover from Himalayas)

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