Earn money online scams vs genuine make money online programs


You might be wondering that the earning prospects you find online are actually “earn money online scams” or “make money scams” in hiding? Most of what you’ll discover online might seem to be sincere. Actual task is weeding through it all to search out one of the things that will produce the results you want. […]


Who am I? Either you are God too or you do not exist!

God-Ultimate Aim

I have heard people saying that God stays in heaven. Some say God is everywhere. Don’t you think these two statements are contradictory? If God stays in heaven, then is it like that he created the universe and left us alone to survive? Or is he with us all the time? Then how can he […]


UltimateAim Blog: Introduction

UltimateAim blog

  Hey friends, if you can write blog articles on eco-friendly lifestyle, travel, positive attitude, spirituality etc. then this is the place where you can show your creative skills to the world. Selected entries will be published here and you may get a chance to win exclusive discounts on our eco-friendly tour packages. So hurry […]


Innovation: A website which tells whether the nearest ATM has cash or not?


Most of the citizens in this country are happy with the latest decision of demonetisation by PM Narendra Modi. This is a war like situation against black money and every citizen is playing his/her role to help the government. People are roaming around different ATMs with Ultimate Aim of getting cash and they are not […]